6 Natural Remedies for Joint Pain

If you are a member of millions of adults who often take painkillers such as aspirin to help treat permanent joint pain or bone pain, you come to a place to learn more about safer alternatives to taking these medications. Regardless of whether you feel it on the waist, shoulders, knees or elsewhere, many natural remedies help alleviate the symptoms of joint pain, including stiffness, reduced range of motion and difficulty walking.
Some studies show that about a third of adults experience joint pain every month. (01) Which parts of the body are most prone to joint pain? These include any area that includes repetitive movements or the first and basic body weight, such as the waist, neck, knees, buttocks, shoulders and ankles.

Depending on the severity of your symptoms, you can give up the treatment of joint pain or, on the other hand, use daily medications for pain and anxiety. Some people experience severe pain every time that makes it difficult to transfer products, while others experience symptoms only occasionally. Regardless of the cause of your uncomfortable pain in the joints, it’s definitely worth taking a snapshot of some natural remedies. They can include supplements, dietary changes, exercises and salt bath combinations to help reduce swelling and inflammation naturally.

1. Epsom Salt Soak: A classic remedy for any pain in the muscles or joints is the use of a laxative salt for a relaxing bath. High magnesium and sulfate, Epsom salts are easily absorbed through the skin to provide rapid relief, because they can reduce inflammation, relieve muscle spasms and relax tension in the area. (05) Add two cups of salt to warm water and rinse for at least 20 minutes. In addition, Epsom salt can be used directly for pressing in the skin. Simply dip two cups into one gallon of water and soak the towel for a few minutes to absorb the solution.

You can also try to add essential oils to a bath with Epsom salt, the type that you choose will depend on what causes your pain. For example, if you choose lavender oil, apply oil from peppermint if the pressure worsens the existing conditions that cause pain, or if the pain becomes warm and swollen.

2. Hot and cold packs: To immediately relieve pain in the joints, place the area of ​​pain and try to use cold and hot means to control pain. Apply a hot compress to the gel bag for 20 minutes in the affected area. Immediately follow the cold pack for another twenty minutes. If you can not tolerate the heaviness of ice, let it thaw when it is heated. Even soft refrigerated packaging can help alleviate tight areas. You can try to apply ice or calories every day for at least 15 minutes. If the tumor is not good enough to reduce fluid retention, keep the height of the area.

Another useful method is the use of peppermint oil and / or eucalyptus oil on inflamed and swollen spots. Due to the cooling effect of menthol and menthol mint and eucalyptus can be absorbed directly into the skin, thereby reducing heat, swelling and discomfort. (06) In animal studies, these oils were found not only to suppress pain associated with inflammation, but also to reduce fluid retention (edema). Other essential oils for arthritis and joint pain include: incense, myrrh, orange and ginger oil.

3. Sufficient exercises and exercises: Inflexible muscles caused by inaction can cause pain in the joints of the body or worsen arthritis and other diseases. For example, muscle tension in the legs may cause increased pressure in the knees and buttocks, since weaker muscles can lead to higher risks of instability and injury or compensation. Regular exercise can help strengthen and stretch the affected joints and muscles, improve blood circulation and reduce pain.

In addition, the stronger your muscles and joints, the better your chances of remaining active without dealing with pain, this will help increase joint pain by preventing weight gain.

4. If necessary, lose weight: Excess weight can put unnecessary pressure on your joints and bones. If you have joint pain and bone disease, such as osteoporosis, then overweight can also speed up bone degradation. Even losing a few pounds can ease the pain and prevent future problems. In most cases, when overweight or obesity lead to health problems, experts recommend reducing body weight by about 5-10% to see if symptoms improve.

5. Changing the diet: The easiest way to prevent pain for a long time is to change your diet. Chronic inflammation in the body leads to weakness and, ultimately, to tissue degeneration. Thanks to the introduction of an anti-inflammatory diet, articular and skeletal pain caused by inflammation and swelling may begin to decrease. Omega-3 fatty acids found in cold water fish, Chia seeds and walnuts are useful to reduce inflammation in humans.